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Let Us Help with Your Dog Wellness Care Near Holly Springs


Your dog relies on you to keep them in the best health. And with October being the AVMA’s National Pet Wellness Month, there’s no better time to call us to talk about your dog wellness care near Holly Springs and to think about a few things you can monitor to make sure you’re doing your best for your best friend. Keep reading to discover some suggestions from Walnut Street Animal Hospital

How is Their Weight?

The target range for a healthy dog is 15-50% body fat. As a rule of thumb, put your hands on your dog’s spine and run them along the back and ribs. You should feel the bones with just a bit of padding over them. If the bones are either more pronounced or hard to feel under a layer of fat, your dog’s weight needs attention. And an overweight dog could be at risk for all the same health issues that can plague humans, including high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Give thought to your dog’s diet and exercise to keep them in a healthy weight range.

How Are Their Teeth?

Just like you, your dog needs clean, healthy teeth to have a healthy life. Poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath, cavities or loose teeth, or inflamed gums. Dogs may suffer unnecessary dental pain that can make it hard to eat or play, and the same bacteria that cause plaque can also cause serious illness by spreading through the bloodstream. That’s why you should regularly brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste made for them, and schedule professional cleanings to make sure your dog’s teeth stay healthy.

Ask Us About Dog Wellness Care Near Holly Springs

While these are just a few key items, there are many more parts to keeping your dog living their healthiest life. We can help you stay on top of it all, so make an appointment today and talk to us about dog wellness care near Holly Springs.


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