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Money-Saving Tips for Pet Parents from Your Low-Cost Vet in Raleigh


Being a pet parent can be a costly endeavor. From food and treats to toys, bedding, and veterinary care, it can seem like the cost of animal ownership never stops adding up. Fortunately, there are things you can do to save yourself some money without sacrificing your companion’s care. Keep reading to discover some money-saving tips for pet parents from your low-cost vet in Raleigh. 


Keep Up with Wellness Care

If you think it might be worthwhile to save a few dollars by skipping your pet’s next wellness appointment, think again. Wellness care is the foundation of a healthy life for your pet, and without it, they are much more likely to develop serious illnesses. Bringing your pet in for regular exams allows us to ensure that they are up to date on the things that keep them safe, like vaccinations and parasite control. These appointments also make it possible for us to detect early signs of illness and begin treatment before they become serious and require much more intensive intervention. Wellness care costs money upfront, but it saves you a lot in the long run. 

Make Sure Your Home Is Pet Safe

Just like young children, pets tend to get into everything. Avoid a trip to an emergency vet by making sure your home is free from dangerous objects and that all poisons and toxins are kept out of reach. Keep your doors securely closed, too, and ensure that your pet cannot escape through an open window. Reevaluate your home every once in a while just to make sure it’s still safe for your precious pet. 

Provide a Proper Diet and Plenty of Exercise

Obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems in companion animals. Prevent your pet from developing heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other problems by feeding them a healthy diet and ensuring they get enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight. 

Low-Cost Vet in Raleigh

Choosing a low-cost vet in Raleigh, such as Walnut Street Animal Hospital, makes it much easier to keep up with your pet’s routine care. We even offer affordable wellness plans to stretch your budget even further. To schedule your pet’s appointment or to learn more about our services and plans, please contact us as soon as possible. 


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