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New Year's Resolutions to Keep Your Pet Healthy: Recommendations from a Trusted Apex Veterinarian


The New Year is well underway, and it is a time for fresh starts and healthy changes. Instead of only thinking about how to improve your health in 2022, why not create a few healthy resolutions for your furry family member, too? As your cat or dog's Apex veterinarian, we want to help you give them a terrific life. That’s why the vets here at Walnut Street Animal Hospital decided to share some New Year’s resolutions to help your pet live longer. Read on to learn more. 

Make Sure You're Meeting Their Nutritional Needs

Every year, lots of folks resolve to consume a healthier diet. Maintaining a nutritious diet is a good plan for your four-legged family member, too. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different products when you're shopping for cat or dog food. Familiarize yourself with your dog or cat's nutritional requirements to find food that's suitable for them. We are here to lend a hand if you are confused about your pet's needs.

Exercise Every Day

Spending all day on the sofa is not good for your precious pet. Boost their health and happiness by providing adequate exercise every day. Dogs require regular walks, and they benefit greatly from games like hide-and-seek and fetch, too. Keep your feline friend active by engaging their prey drive with toys. Wands with enticing attachments are a great bet. Putting up a few different cat trees is an excellent way to help cats exercise, too. 

Visit an Apex Veterinarian for Wellness Services

If you think your pet doesn’t need to visit an Apex veterinarian because they are in good health, think again! Routine wellness care — which includes things like examinations, core and lifestyle vaccinations, and parasite prevention — is important when it comes to warding off disease and keeping your pet healthy. Keeping up with preventive care is a vital component of being a responsible dog or cat owner, too. It is never too late to get your feline friend or canine companion's wellness care back on track. Give our compassionate team a call now to set up an appointment.


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