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What to Look for in a Veterinarian in Raleigh


Finding a veterinarian who checks off every item on your list can be tough. Similar to online dating, you have certain requirements you’re looking for in your perfect match, who will hopefully be a lifelong partner. To ensure your furry pal receives the best of care, you need to do your research on veterinarians in Raleigh.


What to Look for in a Raleigh Veterinarian

Do you already have a checklist in mind when searching for the best veterinarian in Raleigh to care for your beloved companion? If you’re unsure where to start, consider the following important criteria:

  •  Services offered — Although a vaccine clinic is fine for young, healthy pets, a full-service pet hospital is ideal for lifelong care. At some point, your pet will need surgery, whether it’s for a spay, neuter, dental cleaning, or another procedure and will also require more comprehensive care as she ages. 
  • Cost and location — If a veterinarian is out of your range, either financially or regarding location, keep looking.
  • Payment options — Budgeting for pet care can be difficult, especially with unexpected illnesses or injuries. Check for wellness programs, payment plans, or available payment options to help you budget for your pet’s necessary medical expenses.
  • Rapport with veterinary team — You want to develop a relationship with your veterinarian. After all, she will be the one who sees your pet for a lifetime and will be the best at picking up on small, almost imperceptible changes. If you aren’t feeling a connection and seem to be just another name on a chart, move along.


Why Choose Us as Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Raleigh

At Walnut Street Animal Hospital, we are more than a simple vaccination clinic. Instead, we are a full-service pet hospital that caters to your pet’s every healthcare need. Some of our many services include:

We also offer wellness plans that are easy to budget for, and extended and weekend hours to provide late-night care. To avoid a potential wait by walking in, call us to schedule an appointment for your pet’s comprehensive care instead.


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